• Puma or Mountain Lion

    Puma or Mountain Lion spotted at a Mammal Clay Lick

  • Tree Frog

    A Tree Frog that was found on the night walk

  • Jaguar

    A Jaguar swimming in Madre de Dios River

  • Two Toad Sloth

    Two Toed Sloth that was found close to the Lodge

  • Yellow Spotted Sideneck Turtle

    Yellow Spotted Sideneck Turtles along Manu River

  • Giant Otter

    A Couple of Giant Otters taking care of their baby

  • Macaw Clay Lick

    Macaw Clay Lick in the Cultural Zone of Manu Park

  • Black Caiman

    A Caiman resting along Manu River

  • Catesbys Snail Eater snake

    Catesby's Snail Eater Snake found on the night walk

  • Blue-headed parrots

    Blue Headed Parrots on a Parrot Clay Lick

  • brown capuchin monkey

    Brown Capuchin Monkey

  • Ocelot

    Ocelot found along Manu River

  • Blue banded toucanet

    Blue Banded Toucanet found in the Cloud Forest

  • Giant anteater

    Giant Anteater found along Manu River


Welcome to Manu Explorers Peru. We specialize in operating tours in the Peruvian jungle. Our programs are designed to offer a variety of tours into the pristine Manu Biosphere Reserve jungle.

Pre-designed tours include expeditions in the jungle of Manu National Park like, bird watching tours, fishing tours, biking, rafting. We also lead Hiking tours to Machu Picchu by the traditional Inca Trail, Trekkings to Choquequirao and Salkantay.

Not only are we dedicated to our customers but we also believe in helping the local native communities inside of Manu National Park. While on your tour, you will stay at lodges built and managed by local native communities. In addition, our bilingual tour guides are native from the jungle therefore, not only do they know the area and land well; they also work very hard to help conserve this beautiful jungle.

No matter what your interests, we will work with you to design a tour that meets your needs so your experience is unforgettable. 

Our most popular tours to the Jungle of Manu Biosphere Reserve are the ones by bus in and out for 6 or 7 days. These tours will take you deep into Manu Park by the traditional way that includes a visit to the Peruvian National Bird “LEK” in the cloud forest of Manu Park. During the year the best time to see jaguars is from June to August.

To see the tour itineraries for 6 and 7 days please open the links below:

6day/5night Tour to Manu Biosphere Reserve by bus in and out
7day/6night Tour to Manu Biosphere Reserve by bus in and out

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