Born in Cusco He has lived in The Jungle of Manu National Park, He completed his official guiding studies 6 year ago, and has been guiding in the Puerto Maldonado for one year after that he started to lead groups in Manu. One of the best local guides with excellent vision and hearing to help locate forest fauna.

Born in Cusco. He has lived in The Jungle of Manu National Park, He completed his official tourism studies at the San Antonio Abad del Cusco National University 2 year ago and has been working as tour guide assistant in the Cultural Zone of Manu Park for one year. This year he started to lead groups to Manu Park.

Born 1977 in the rainforest, grew up in the rainforest, works as a guide since 1999, in 2000 he worked for the BBC twice to film Giant Otters and Mushrooms in Manu, 2001 he worked in a Macaw Project in Manu, he is also a bird watcher and speaks English and some Dutch.

Born in Iquitos (jungle) and graduated from Antonio Lorena Institute in Cuzco, he works 8 years as a tour guide leading groups in the jungle of Iquitos and Manu National Park, specialized in the jungle and the Andes of Peru. Very good skills for birdwatching. He speaks very good English and some Danish.

Biologist specialized in orchids, taxonomy, and microbiology. Jose has been working as tour guide for 14 years in Manu National Park. He is our most experienced tour guides. He is highly recommended for tourist that is interested in the biology you will find in the jungle. He speaks English and Spanish.

William has lived and worked in the jungle all his life. He studied as an Official Tourist Guide in Instituto Superior Tecnologico Publico Manu in 1999 - 2001. Since studying he has been working as a guide for other agencies in Cusco as a guide. He speaks good English. This experience therefore means he has extensive knowledge of the jungle and its flora and fauna.

Alcianet was born in the jungle of Manu National Park, she has a lot of experience leading groups into Manu National Park, she is specialized Bird watching, and she also has very good skills of hearing and spotting animals from the distance. She does speak very good English.

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