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To reserve/book a tour please fill out the contact form or send an email to Manu Explorers at info(at),  Please indicate which tour you are interested in booking, the number of people in your group, and the date you would like to book the tour. If you would like to reserve a place in one of our upcoming departures/tours please indicate that when you contact us.

The tours listed on this website are priced for a minimum of four people. For groups smaller then four people the price may increase if a total of four people do not book the tour. If you have less than four people in your group please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to find a tour that fits your needs. You can also reserve a place in a tour listed under Next Departures.

A deposit of 50% or 25% of the tour cost is due at the time the tour is booked. The tour will not be confirmed until this deposit it received. The remainder of the cost of the tour will be due once you arrive in Cusco.

How to Book a Tour with Us?

Once we receive your Booking email, we will email you back confirming we have a tour departing on this date, at the same time we will confirm the total tour cost per person.

To confirm your places on a tour or a trek, you will need to make a deposit of 25 or 50% of the total tour cost using Pay pal; there a 5% of fee. Once Manu Explorers Peru receives your deposit your tour is confirmed and we guarantee the departure of your tour bearing all natural disasters.

The remainder of the tour cost is due two days before the tour departs and will be paid at our office in Cusco. Once you make the deposit we will confirm your reservation for the tour and you will receive a service voucher for the tour.

About Cancellations and Travel Insurance

The weather conditions in the Highlands same as in Rainforest are unpredictable. The months of April to October are the driest months of the year, but some times during these months and the remainder of the year, we do have some rain and the roads may become inaccessible due to landslips/landslides. For that reason we recommend travel insurance to cover these unpredictable weather conditions, as claims for compensation cannot be considered. The insurance should also cover cancellation of tours, cancellation of flights, accident, loss of personal luggage, hospitalization, etc. We do not accept responsibility for cancellation, loss, tropical medical problems, damage or injury to property or persons.

For cancellations made after the tour is booked / reserved no refund will be given. If during the tour the client decides to separate themselves from the tour and the rest of the group it will be the responsibility of the client to pay for any expenses that are associated with their early return to Cusco. In case of tour cancellations please ask at our office for a tour cancellation certificate, this certificate will be provided within 24 hours of the request date.

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